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The Institute of Human Sciences is home to the Human Sciences BA course. This unique undergraduate programme offers an interdisciplinary academic training that enables students to study humans from multiple interconnecting perspectives across the biological and social sciences. Underlying the vision for the degree is the recognition that it is important to understand connections among biological, social, and cultural phenomena in order to address the major issues and problems humans face in a rapidly changing world. The programme offers a challenging alternative to more traditional undergraduate courses. Teaching is provided by academics representing a wide range of expertise from a number of departments across the University [see more about the academic profiles of staff teaching the degree here.]

You can find lots of useful information on study in Oxford, selection criteria for admission, the roles of departments and colleges at Oxford, the costs of study, methods of application, and scholarships and funding on the University Admissions information pages.

Course Detail

The course is based on lectures and tutorials, with some practicals in the biological subjects. The lectures introduce most of the material you will need and provide the core concepts and theories. In the weekly tutorials, you will go into certain topics in greater depth.

Fees & Funding

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