Recognition of Distinction Awards 2021

susana carvalho

We are delighted that Institute member, Susana Carvalho, has been awarded the title of Professor of Paleoanthropology in the University’s latest Recognition of Distinction Exercise. Susana is a fellow of St Hugh’s College and gives lectures, tutorials and practical classes in Human Evolution for the Human Sciences degree. She is head of the Primate Models for Behavioural Evolution Lab and has been Director of the Paleo-Primate Project Gorongosa since 2015, where an international team of senior researchers is carrying out an unprecedented interdisciplinary approach to understanding hominin origins and adaptation.

Congratulations to all those across the university who have been recognised, especially those who contribute, or have contributed in the past, to the Human Sciences programme. These include:

Theresa Burt de Perera who received the title of Professor of Animal Behaviour. She is a member of the Department of Zoology where she lectures in Animal Behaviour and is a tutorial fellow in Biological Sciences at St John’s College.

Jennifer Dowd who has been made Professor of Demography and Population Health. She is a member of the Department of Sociology where she is Deputy Director of the Leverhulme Centre for Demographic Studies

Lambros Malafouris who has been awarded the title Professor of Cognitive and Anthropological Archaeology. He is a tutorial fellow in Archaeology at Hertford College.

Peter Scarborough who has become Professor of Population Health and leads the Diet, Data and Interventions Group in the Nuffield Department of Health.

Recognition of Distinction Awards are assessed using three criteria:

  • an ongoing research record which is characterised by a significant influence on the field of study and is of a high order of excellence and of international standing, and the quality of which in terms of research distinction is at least equal to that expected of those appointed to full professorships at other leading international research universities.
  • a record of effective teaching for the University and for colleges, concomitant with the duties of the University post and the college fellowship, where one is held.
  • a record of involvement in University and/or college administration and demonstrable competence in such administration.