The Human Sciences BA degree course considers humans as a biological, social and cultural species, and provides a challenging alternative to some of the more traditional courses offered at Oxford.
The degree offers an inter-disciplinary academic training that enables students to study humans from the contrasting perspectives of the biological and social sciences and to make connections between them.
Underlying Human Sciences is a recognition that it is important to build bridges between the various human sciences at a time when advances in genetics, evolutionary biology and the social sciences need to be applied to the problems of a rapidly changing world.
Teaching for the Human Sciences degree is provided by a number of departments of the University, including Anthropology, Physiology, Psychology, Sociology and Zoology. Hence, while the Institute of Human Sciences has few staff of its own, it draws on the experience and expertise of academics from a wide range of disciplines. This is reflected in the links to personal web-pages that can be accessed via our ‘Fellows’ link.
The Institute of Human Sciences is based at The Pauling Centre 58a Banbury Road. It is administered through the School of Anthropology, within the Social Sciences division.


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Bob Hiorns and Wilma Crowther Prizes 2016

The Institute is pleased to announce the winners of the 2016 Bob Hiorns and Wilma Crowther Prizes...

The 2015 edition of HumSci news

is now available to download 

Oxford Researchers investigate the connection between language and creativity

Dr Andy Gosler is one of the researchers in the Oxford-led research programme exploring the crucial role of languages and investigating more creative forms of language learning... 

Researchers discover a completely legal performance enhancer: friends

Dr Emma Cohen of the Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology and Director of Studies for Human Sciences at Wadham College is the lead researcher for a new study...

HumSci Alumna, Daniela Sieff gives a talk to the RSA

On Thursday 5 March, Daniela Sieff gave a talk to the RSA on her new book 'How to Understand and Heal Emotional Trauma...'

AHRC Grant awarded to Dr Andy Gosler

Dr Andy Gosler has been awarded an AHRC grant to develop the Ethno-ornithology World Archive...

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